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Cattle Weigh Scale Load Bar Repair & Services 

Free Estimates & 18 Month Repair Warranty On Repairs Performed

Cattle Scale Repairs

25021 Ridge Rd.

Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

*Make sure to put a note in with your contact info and also protect your equipment for shipment*

Call or Text 816-974-6252

Cattle & Livestock Weigh Scale & Load Bar Repair.

Handheld, Portable, & Stationary EID Tag Reader Repair for Cattle & Livestock.

Custom Load bar Extension Cables for Gallagher & Tru-Test,  Load Bar Cable & Connector Repair.

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tru test big bars.jpg
gallagher panel reader.png
gallagher hr4.jpg

We test & repair ALL brands of Cattle and Livestock Weigh Scale and Load Bars. Here are some of the brands that we work on.

Gallagher & Tru-Test

We test and repair ALL brands of Cattle and Livestock handheld and stationary EID Tag Readers.


gallagher cable.jpg
Tru-test cable.jpg

We make custom load bar extension cables for Gallagher &  Tru-Test

We can also repair your old load bar cable and the connectors that go on the end of the cables

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